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The European Atlas of Universities in Energy Research & Education (University Energy Atlas) is a result of the UNI-SET Universities Survey and contains information about several hundred energy research programmes and Master programmes in the field of energy. The research atlas also shows information about related doctoral schemes, if available. With the atlas, you can find key information on energy-related educational and research activities at universities throughout Europe.

You can use these maps to identify universities active in the different areas of the SET-Plan and in specific Fields of Education and Training (ISCED-F 2013) and Fields of Science and Technology (UNESCO), covering the full spectrum of knowledge - from the typical science, engineering and technology fields, to economics, social sciences and humanities.

As a university, this information can be used to pool capacities and build new multidisciplinary and inter-European networks and collaborations.  As a potential Master student or Doctoral candidate, you are welcome to browse the atlas to find educational and research programmes relevant to your professional and research interests.

As a company or employer in the energy sector, the maps can help you to identify research and education opportunities for the continuing education and training of staff, identify potential opportunities to offer work placements for students related to your field of work, as well as identify partners engaged in joint R&D projects with universities across Europe.

How to be in the Atlas

If you work for a university and wish to have your programmes displayed on the maps, go to the UNI-SET Universities Survey website and register your university to start now!


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